Aim of the NICEIC


The aim of the NICEIC is to protect everyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical  installations in their homes, places of work and leisure.  To achieve this, we maintain a register of electrical contractors that we assess as complying with the various standards, codes of practice and Scheme rules’.
Enrolment with NICEIC is voluntary, but electrical contractors that are competent and conscientious about the service they offer customers would consider it a priority to enrol’.
To achieve NICEIC membership the NICEIC inspect a representative sample of the contractors work. The NICEIC also inspect company premises, equipment and competence.
NICEIC regularly re-inspect contractors premises, equipment and competence.
NICEIC offer a complaints procedure if a customer is unhappy with a members work; NICEIC members agree to abide by the ruling.
To make a complaint visit the NICEIC website

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